Award Winning space saving spiral stair using stainless steel or with your selection of beautiful Australian Timber.

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The quality, prefabricated enzie® spiral staircase is more than a product or service; it is a system that provides safe, space saving access assuring
long term value.enzie® has been Australia's best known name in spiral staircases since 1974, and has won a string of prestigious awards.
(The Australian Design Award, BHP Award for Consumer Products and finalist for Prince Phillip Prize for Australian Design, to name a few.)

From your drawing, sketch plan or a site visit, we are able to provide advice to ensure the most appropriate stair for your needs.

Enfold Range of Spiral Staircases

Enfold logo

The concept of the "fold" has a long emotional history: ancient shepherds brought their flocks into the fold for safety during the night, religious groups talk about welcoming peopole into the fold, and all of us can relate to being "folded" in our mother's arms.

This notion of being 'enfold' inspired the design of the latest creation in the Enzie spiral stair range.

The 'enfold' design capitalises on the inherent safety of spiral stairs by wrapping a broad ribbon of perforated aluminium or panels of toughened safety glass.